Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Collect Contacts Today

Collect Contacts

Our contact tools do more than simply capture someone's phone number. We can automatically collect more information as they sign-up, so you can accurately target every message.

  • Mobile Keywords
  • Online Sign-up Pages
  • Import Contacts
  • Data Capture
  • QR Codes

Send Message

Anyone can send a message. But the key is sending valuable messages that your subscribers will actually open.

  • Mass Texting
  • Two-Way / 1-to-1 Texting
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Landline Texting
  • API
  • Send from Phone
Send Message today
Engaging to customers

Engage Customers

Bitovation's vision is to build a lifecycle with your customers, and it starts with basic block building tools like these.

  • Yes/No Response
  • Auto Response
  • SMS Coupons
  • Text to Screen
  • Text to Vote
  • Shuffle Responder

Analyze & Manage

Accurate metrics are essential to continue success, allowing you to see what worked and allowing you to see what you get the best ROI out of your messaging campaigns.

  • Report Manager
  • Remove & Block Contact
  • Report Manager
  • Report Manager
Analyze & Manage


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