My Message Won’t Send Correctly

February 12, 2020

My sent messages do not appear correctly

Bitovation Corp only supports sending plain text, since certain characters are rendered differently on different mobile telephones. Any character copied from an outside source can appear incorrectly. If you are copying and pasting from an outside source (such as a Word file), retype it manually, because there can be hidden characters. You can test this by sending the message to your own phone.

Also, handsets render characters differently, so you can try changing your phone settings.

We allow the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and these special characters: .,:;!?()~=+-_\/@$#&%

There are four issues that can cause problems:

  1. Bitovation Corp relies on third party systems to deliver messages to and from your Bitovation Corp account. Things like network delays, cell sites, and carrier delays can all contribute to problems with deliveries. Because we use these systems, we cannot make any guarantees on delivery times.
  2. The user’s wireless carrier might have blocked short codes. Learn more about short codes. They can call their carrier and ask them to allow short codes on their account.
  3. Pre-paid phone plans typically do not allow sending or receiving messages from short codes. Consult your mobile telephone carrier for more information.
  4. The message text may be clipped or not coming in at all.

Important: Bitovation Corp does not guarantee delivery or timely delivery. Bitovation Corp is an online application that enables users to store contacts, organize contacts in groups, send and receive SMS, and use keywords on our common-use short code. However, we do not deliver your messages to the handsets. We only deliver your messages to the wireless carriers. You are paying us for the use of our application and sending messages through our gateway to the carriers’ gateways. You are not paying us for the delivery of messages, because we do not own nor operate the carriers’ gateways.


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