Understanding the AT&T Short Code SMS/MMS Code of Conduct

February 12, 2020

On October 17, 2018 AT&T released an updated Code of Conduct for Short Code SMS / MMS to help short code users understand what is and is not acceptable usage. As you can imagine, this generated a good amount of questions. Not to worry though, Bitovation Corp is working with AT&T who provided an FAQ to help subscribers understand what the new Code of Conduct means.

Highlights from the updated AT&T Code of Conduct:

  • Certain content is prohibited on common-use short codes. This includes short-term financial offers and other high-risk campaigns. These campaigns will be subject to termination on Jan 1st 2019 if they are found to be running on non-approved channels.
  • 10-Digit Long codes (10DLC) will provide businesses with a personalized way to send Application-to-Person (A2P), or Business-to-Person SMS communication. AT&T is working on a commercial 10DLC program to recognize long codes as a legitimate and sanctioned A2P SMS channel. Until this program is commercially available, common-use short codes will operate as usual.
  • Common-use short codes managed by resellers are almost exclusively responsible for all unwanted messaging, phishing, and malware. The updates to AT&T’s Code of Conduct are designed to mitigate campaigns producing unwanted messaging.
  • Common-use short codes will require content to be sent in a single vertical, Bitovation Corp has been exercising this practice for long a time.

The update about common-use short codes is certainly raising some eyebrows. The good news is that Bitovation Corp is working directly with the SMS industry to preserve the ubiquity of SMS. At this time, prohibited programs have been banned from Bitovation Corp short codes for over a year and we continue to work to ensure traffic is segmented by vertical. In other words, unless your traffic directly violates industry best practices, there is nothing to worry about. The AT&T Texting FAQ aims to bring some calm and clarity to the issue.

For more details, read the entire FAQ. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.


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