At Bitovation we are creating value added ecosystem, that empowers and rewards both Merchants and Users in using our Digital Currency called Ovato. Bitovation reduces costs and inefficiencies for Merchants, while providing the potential to increase there revenue. And for users we provide discounts and rewards on your everyday shopping while offering exclusive shopping offers for those who use the Ovato Coin.



Did you also know that the Blockchain industry is already almost $200 Billion Market Cap up from just $8 billion just a few years ago. And did you also know that the blockchain marketplace is currently trading more than it ever has even more than it did in the ICO boom of last year.

We believe the blockchain is here to stay. Much like the internet , back in the late 1990’s there mass confusion in this new marketplace with most users not even really knowing what the Blockchain is . And this presents a very unique opportunity for early adopters before the before the mass market fully embraces this new technology.


Bitovation is paid from business to drive traffic and customers to there website website and stores. We turn around and give a percentage of those funds back to our users in the form of our Digital Currency called Ovato. It can be very lucrative for shoppers with the average online shopper spending $4000 per year

The platform will enable both merchants and users with the ability to transfer value at a reduced cost to traditional currency, while liberating both Users and Merchants with an easy one-stop solution using rewards and rebates.


Our mission is to help users and merchants save and earn value by aiding them in the migration to the new world of a Living Ledger system called the Blockchain.


Bitovation helps businesses evolve to digital currency. We do this by seamlessly integrating with their POS systems and marketing them to the existing digital currency marketplace, which is currently valued at around $200 Billion worldwide.


  • Save an reduce their transaction costs by as much as 85%
  • Make additional revenue by signing their customers into the program
  • Utilize our built-in marketing prorams to their customer base
  • Offer Daily Deals, in real timen seamlessly, an scale their business
  • Access to, and will be able to market Special Offers through the Bitovation universe

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  • Shares Outstanding25.5 million Shares
  • Market Capitalization$6.5 million
  • Transfer AgentColonial Stock and Transfer
  • Securities AttorneyMattheau J. W. Stout, Esq.
    400 E Pratt St., Baltimore,
    MD 21202, USA
  • Corporate Communications Tyler Knowles
    VP Corporate Communications
  • PRIVATE PLACEMENTAmount: $1,000,000
    Price: $.25 per share, plus
    Warrant $1.00



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