Ovato Text Wallet Now Available

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Singapore, Febuary 17, 2020 - Ovato Digital Cash ( ovato.com ), a peer-to-peer digital currency focused on strategic use cases for the adoption and utility of its coin, announced today that the Ovato Text Wallet is now available through our member partner, Otext ( otext.io ).

Users of the Ovato Text Wallet can instantly send or receive Ovato cryptocurrency. With SMS, Ovato can even be sent or received without an internet connection.

To get your free Ovato Text Wallet

text create to (818) 351 7877


otext.io is an all-purpose wallet for the cryptocurrency, Ovato. It's as easy to use as texting. Ovato Text Wallet (Otext) enables instant transactions without internet, apps, accounts, or passwords by providing a SMS gateway to the blockchain. With Ovato's un-hosted cryptocurrency wallet, you can effortlessly send cryptocurrency to mobile phone numbers or crypto addresses. Recipients do not need to take any action to receive funds and funds are immediately available. It's a powerful tool for introducing new users to the power and security of digital currency and the perfect solution for the billions of underbanked people with basic-feature mobile phones. Get your Ovato Text Wallet here.