Growing Your Business with
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What Socializing on Facebook can do
for your business

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Social media is making waves in the
marketing industry. It’s time for your business to ride them to success.

The Low Down on Social Media

Did you know that 51% of Facebook members typically buy from the brands they follow on social media?

And with over a billion people on Facebook, that’s pretty impressive.

Social Media is the newest channel of communication to hit the marketing industry, proving to be extremely powerful and effective in reaching customers and exposing businesses.

This is because social media has integrated itself into the everyday life of consumers. Leveraging social media lands your business right where it needs to be amongst the social scene of your consumers.

Studies have been conducted on the widespread effect of social media marketing.

Take a look for yourself...

Why Are Businesses
Going Social?

Social media adds an innovative and engaging dimension
to marketing, enabling businesses to do three things:

Why Are Businesses Going Social?

Social media personifies your business, not only giving your business a face, but also a unique voice to communicate with your current and potential customers on a personal level.

Boost brand visibility and credibility.

Stand out against the noisy online crowd and get your business in the spotlight. Get the tools to land you on the newsfeed and begin broadcasting news, promotions and events with ease.


Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest, most effective, and most trusted form of getting business. Social media in its modern catalyst, enabling people to share, link, like, mention, and talk about your business to friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends...

The Key to Successful Social
Media Campaigns

You see and hear it everywhere - television networks, radio commercials, print ads, -
businesses leveraging Facebook and Twitter to get their consumers engaged and involved with their products.

Studies show that Facebook is the top destination among social networks and blogs. But
what makes outlets like Facebook so successful?

The key to successful Facebook campaigning lies in the Likes!

After all, who doesn’t love to be liked?

Simply put, Likes are the currency of the Facebook market— it’s what drives
and encourages people to post, and it’s what gets your content on their newsfeed.

No matter how mind-blowing your product is or how amazing your content is, the best
way to quantify that by Facebook standards is through the Likes and interactions you garner from your audience base.

How Our Platform Can Help

We can help you:

Expose your business and get Likes.

Our platform gets you Liked! Or rather, we get your business the Facebook Likes and exposure you need to run a successful social media campaign.

Expand your contact database.

Collect contacts directly from Facebook. Instantly collect names, numbers, emails and more from your Facebook audience. Give those on Facebook an opportunity to join your lists directly through your fan page.

Establish valuable relationships for future campaigns.

Grow healthy relationships with your audience. Use engaging features to hear what your consumers have to say. The better businesses’ rapport with their consumers are, the more likely consumers are to do business with them.

Enhance your social media efforts with multi-channel marketing.

Go even further with the help of multi-channel marketing. Enhance social media campaigns with four major channels and their expansive list of features to enhance your social media efforts. Drive in traffic and reach your audience for future campaigns on the channels they respond to the best.

Tools to Power Your Social Media Marketing

Features & Benefits

With a growing list of Facebook features to add to any campaign - either social media or multi-channel -
your business gets an exclusive edge with the most innovative tools out on the market.

Facebook Tab Editor

Facebook Tab Editor

The Facebook Tab Editor allows users to add "tabs" to their Facebook fan page and customize them. Found toward the top right corner of all Facebook fan pages, a tab acts like a subpage, providing viewers with subcategories of content to view.

The Power of Facebook Tabs

  • Add additional content to your Facebook fan page.
  • Organize your content.
  • Grow your Like count and audience base.
  • Collect contact information.

Use Tabs to:

  • Highlight all your campaigns.
  • Expand product information.
  • Increase Likes with Like-gating Tabs.
  • Offer Facebook coupons.


Grow your fan base, one Like at a time! With Facebook Like-gating, you can set up tabs so
that viewers must first Like your page to get access to exclusive content and coupons.

The Power of Facebook Tabs

  • Add additional content to your Facebook fan page.
  • Organize your content.
  • Grow your Like count and audience base.
  • Collect contact information.

Use Tabs to:

  • Highlight all your campaigns.
  • Expand product information.
  • Increase Likes with Like-gating Tabs.
  • Offer Facebook coupons.
Facebook Coupon

Facebook Coupon

People love saving money. And with over 1 billion people on Facebook, that’s a lot of coupon lovers to reach. Facebook coupons are amongst the most popular and effective social media features that businesses are rushing to add to their marketing campaigns

The Power of Facebook Coupons

  • Maximize newsfeed exposure.
  • Go viral with each Like and Share.
  • Incentivize customers to boost traffic and sales.
  • Easily integrate with your POS system.

Multi-channel Voting

Find out exactly what’s on your audiences’ minds by gaining valuable feedback
through Facebook voting. Plus, integrate mobile voting into your Facebook poll for
an even broader reach.

The Power of Multi-channel Voting

  • Find out what your customers prefer directly from them.
  • Host a survey to see how your business is doing.
  • Ask your audience what products and events they want to come next.
Multi-channel voting

Go Further with
Multi-Channel Marketing

The possibilities and opportunities of social media are as endless as its reach. By remaining active, keeping persistent, and using our platform's features and capabilities, you’re on the road to successful social media marketing.

But don’t stop there, turn your online friends and followers into happy customers! With the element of engagement brought by social media, coupled with the expansive reach and impressive response rates that multi-channel marketing yields, you can go much farther and find greater success than running a standard social media campaign.

Take your customer relationships beyond just social networking by incorporating mobile text, email, chat, and voice broadcast for the ultimate marketing experience.

Further grow your database with mobile keywords, notify customers of promotions instantly with a text, or broadcast your events through email newsletters. By using multiple channels, you’ll connect with even more of your customers.

Get your business in the spotlight and brighten your brand awareness, strengthen customer relationships, and ultimately boost sales. All it takes is a simple Like or follow to get the ball going, and we are here to help you do just that.


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