Bitovation - Empowering
Local Transactions,
Global Trades

Welcome to Bitovation:
Bridging Local and Global Crypto Transactions

At Bitovation, we stand at the forefront of a transformative era in digital finance, empowering money service providers to seamlessly connect users to the world of cryptocurrencies. Our mission is simple: to enable users to buy cryptocurrency locally and trade it globally, all while fostering a community-driven ethos. We believe in the power of local connections and the freedom that comes with self-custody of digital assets.

Our Vision: Local Empowerment,
Global Opportunities

Bitovation is not just a cryptocurrency platform; it's a movement. We envision a world where financial empowerment begins at the local level. By facilitating the buying of cryptocurrency locally, we aim to empower users with the ability to partake in the global crypto market on their terms.

How Bitovation Works


Local Buy, Global Trade

We provide Money Service Providers (MSPs) with the tools to offer local users a straightforward and secure way to buy cryptocurrency. This initiates a journey that transcends local boundaries and opens up opportunities on the global stage.



At Bitovation, we champion the principles of decentralization and ownership. After purchasing cryptocurrency, users are encouraged to offboard their coins into their own wallets, granting them full control and autonomy over their digital assets.


Ovato Bridge

Our seamless onboarding process is powered by Ovato, serving as the bridge between traditional financial services and the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Ovato ensures a smooth transition, making it easier than ever for users to embark on their crypto journey.

Why Choose Bitovation

Community-Driven Approach

We believe in the strength of communities. Bitovation fosters a user-centric environment, encouraging local interactions and global trades within our platform.

Security and Trust

Security is paramount. Our platform prioritizes the safety of users' assets, and our encouragement of self-custody aligns with the ethos of trust and control.

Innovative Ovato Integration

Leveraging Ovato as our bridge onboarding coin, Bitovation pioneers an innovative approach to combining traditional financial services with the vast possibilities of cryptocurrency.

Join Bitovation Today:
Connect Locally,
Trade Globally

Embark on a journey that transcends geographical boundaries. Bitovation is your gateway to local empowerment and global opportunities. Join our community, buy cryptocurrency with ease, and experience the freedom of self-custody. Bitovation - where local transactions meet global trades.