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Provides powerful proprietary
solutions for merchants and shoppers

By incorporating Ovato Digital Currency, merchants can expect to reduce payment processing by as much as 85%, while expanding their business with efficiencies and integrations of our proprietary platform.

Discover our Pathway to Mass Adoption for Ovato

Bitovation - Corporate Snapshot

Did you know the blockchain industry is already a $277B market cap up from just $8 billion a few short years ago?

Did you know that today there are 500,000 transactions being done daily on the blockchain?

Did you also know that the vast majority of consumers are just now beginning to migrate from conventional to digital currency?

  • Merchants

    Bitovation helps businesses evolve to be able to accept digital currency. We do this by seamlessly integrating with their POS systems and marketing them to the existing digital currency marketplace, which is currently valued over $350 Billion worldwide.

  • Online

    If a merchant has an online store, or an e-commerce platform, Bitovation works seamlessly with that as well. E-commerce sites can begin to accept Ovato and other digital currencies by utilizing any one of three options - a shopping cart plugin, hosted payments, or a fully customizable payment API.

  • Shoppers

    Bitovation is paid by businesses to drive traffic and customers to their websites using our digital currency called Ovato. It can be very advantageous and lucrative for shoppers, with the average online shopper spending $4,000 per year.

    The platform will enable both merchants and users to transfer value at a reduced cost compared to traditional currency while liberating both users and merchants with an easy, one-stop solution using rewards, special offers, and rebates.

  • In Store and Direct

    Our customers can become our best source of advertising, with many retailers and merchants being greatly incentivized for their actions. Plans call for Bitovation to offer point of sale material for merchants to be able to share deals, discounts, and programs, thus allowing them to take part in the Bitovation ecosystem.

We help merchants

  • Save and reduce their transaction costs by as much as 85%.
  • Make additional revenue by onboarding their existing customers onto the program.
  • Utilize our built-in marketing programs for their existing customer base.
  • Offer daily deals in real time; seamlessly, and to scale their business.
  • Gain access to, and be able to market special offers through the Bitovation universe.

Provides powerful proprietary solutions for merchants and shoppers

Bitovation helps merchants accept digital currency payments like Ovato, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Accepting digital currency has many advantages over traditional payment methods. Merchant service costs are reduced by as much as 85%. Digital currencies open up additional purchasing power for merchants and for their customers.

Merchants can market directly to their existing and prospective customers with special offers using Ovato. Put simply, with Bitovation and Ovato, a merchant’s business will be exposed to more people.

Bitovation’s POS and terminal integrations work with 90% of existing setups. Alternatively, or additionally, a merchant can simply download Bitovation’s iOS or Android merchant apps to transform a mobile device into a payment terminal.

Additional revenue with products that integrate

At Bitovation we are creating a value-added ecosystem, one that empowers and rewards both merchants and users by utilizing our digital currency called Ovato. Bitovation reduces costs and inefficiencies for merchants while providing the potential to increase their revenues. For users, we provide special offers, discounts, and rewards on their everyday shopping while providing exclusive shopping offers for those who use the Ovato Coin.

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